In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
The Islamic Education Center of Houston, Texas

Harris County Gold Card Program

There are many community members within our community, especially seniors and families with young children, who do not have access to health insurance. Harris County offers a subsidized health insurance program, the Gold Card, for people who meet certain residency and income criteria. This program is funded by the tax payers who live in Harris County. website

Process is very simple. Fill out the Gold Card application and mail it with supporting documents. You can also drop off application at the nearest eligibility center.

You can also visit the IEC office on Sundays between 10:30 am and Zohr.

Important: Please note that Harris County Gold Card is only available to Harris County Residents. Furthermore, you must be a U.S. Citizen or a Green Card Holder. Also, certain income restrictions do apply. If you are not eligible for gold card or are personally not eligible but someone in your family is, you might be eligible for other programs (e.g. Medicare or Medicaid etc.).

CHIP Perinatal (Medical Coverage for ALL Pregnant Women regardless of their legal status).

  • You do not need a Green Card or legal status to qualify for CHIP Perinatal.
  • You can apply online, phone or by mail.
  • You DO NOT need to send Pregnancy Verification Form filled out by the doctor.
The easiest way to apply is filling out the application online at this website.

For More information, please visit

CHIP perinatal provides care to unborn children of pregnant women with household income up to 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL) and who are not eligible for Medicaid. Once born, the child will receive benefits that are similar to the traditional CHIP benefits for the duration of the 12-month coverage period.



The SNAP food benefits (used to be called food stamps) helps people with low incomes and resources buy the food they need for good health.

SNAP benefits are given to a single person or family who meets the program’s requirements. HHSC sends a renewal application to a family getting SNAP before the end of each benefit period. Most benefit periods last for 6 months but some can be as short as 1 month or as long as 3 years.

For most adults between the ages of 18 and 50 who do not have a child in the home, SNAP benefits are limited to 3 months in a 3-year period. The benefit period can be longer if the adult works at least 20 hours a week or is in a job or training program. Some people may not have to work to get benefits, such as those who have a disability or are pregnant.

HHSC gives SNAP benefits through the Lone Star Card. This is a plastic card that is used like a credit card at the cash register to pay for purchases. Each month, the family’s approved monthly SNAP amount is placed in the card’s account.

Can you get SNAP?

If you need help filling out an application for SNAP, you can visit an HHSC benefits office near you or contact a community group that works with HHSC. You also can call toll-free 2-1-1 for help.

SNAP Application

Emergency SNAP Benefits

Emergency SNAP benefits are also known as expedited SNAP because the benefits are given faster to those in an emergency situation, such as:
  • A family with resources worth $100 or less, and monthly income less than $150.
  • A family with resources and monthly income that are less than the most recent monthly expenses for rent/mortgage and utilities.
  • A family that includes a migrant or seasonal farm worker who has $100 or less in resources and very little income.
To apply for emergency SNAP, visit a HHSC benefits office or call 2-1-1.

WIC Program

What is WIC?

WIC is a free nutrition program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, and young children eat well, learn about nutrition and stay healthy. Nutrition education and counseling, nutritious foods and help accessing health care are provided to middle to low-income women, infants, and children through the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program, popularly known as WIC. U.S. citizenship is not required.

Learn About WIC:

LINK TO YOUR TEXAS BENEFITS (SNAP (Food Stamp), TANF, Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP)